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      GORILLA is the industry-leader and wholesale distributor of black disposable gorilla gloves. With an impactful presence across North and South America, Asia, and Europe along with a production capacity of millions of gloves annually, we understand the essential components of high-quality products, exceptional service, competitive prices, and efficient manufacturing to support our customers worldwide.

      Since 2000, GORILLA has built a culture revolving around the passion for constant improvement, unmatched quality, and a spirit of innovation. We believe that great individuals, collectively, make GORILLA what it is today. Through our experienced team, outstanding partners, and loyal supporters, our company has grown to extraordinary heights, developing some of the most reliable, versatile, and superior quality products that deliver remarkable results.

      Our Pledge to You

      Reliable Quality By Exceeding Standard Assurance Processes:

      Disposable GORILLA gloves are manufactured using a series of strict quality control measures to ensure that each shipment is to our standards. More so, our gloves regularly undergo inspections and quality checks at each production site before shipment. New products are examined, tested with usage, and allocated with a benchmark score to certify that it meets or exceeds requirements to be deemed exceptional quality under GORILLA guidelines. 

      GORILLA also requires all of our vendors to adhere to our high standards of quality control and assurance as well as comply with all applicable governing laws and regulation that oversee the manufacturing facilities in their jurisdiction.

      Dedication to Greatness

      With over two decades of experience, GORILLA has not only built and established a reliable network of manufacturers, vendors, and distributors that enable the production of high-quality gloves but has also expanded and improved upon that network to exceed expectations of efficiency, speed, and dependability. 

      Our devoted team, partners, and distributors are collectively committed to providing outstanding disposable gloves across the world. Our supply chain network and service associates proactively assist hundreds of customers from large multimillion suppliers and private label retailers to small substantial distributors and dealers. With multiple manufacturing facilities, GORILLA is able to address the market and respond to conditions that may arise, allowing us to quickly help our customers and satisfy their needs if necessary.

      Our Core Values and Philosophy



      International Presence

      With over a dozen of manufacturers, vendors, distributors and dealers around the world. GORILLA has not only created a network that helps drive efficiency and reliability but has also expanded to solidify its international presence as one of the top disposable glove suppliers. With production factories and distribution facilities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and many other countries, our global community has developed into an extensive network that offers distributor and customer channels, from online and retail to inventory management and drop shipping sources.

      Our Global Community

      World Map