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      GORILLA offers competitive prices with remarkable value on wholesale volume size orders. Wholesale pricing is determined by quantity purchased or by pre-approval. For more information and inquires for wholesale purchasing, please contact us at: sales@gorillaglove.com.

      Why Choose Wholesale with GORILLA?



      Distribution Partnership

      The GORILLA Distribution Partnership Program not only offers you the opportunity to purchase our products at premium low prices but also allows you to receive VIP treatment and the best customer care possible.

      When you become a distributor with GORILLA, all volume size orders can be acquired with wholesale pricing by default. Additionally, all bulk orders will be immediately shipped out within one to three business days, after invoice is finalized. Distributors also have the luxury of obtaining "first-in-line" benefits and opportunities to reserve gloves/shipments/backorders on highly demanded products. We understand that market conditions change. But with every new situation, we'll make sure you'll be the first person to order and obtain the necessary products you and your clients need urgently, bringing you peace of mind and helping your business maintain its flow of inventory. Being a GORILLA distributor will also grant you early access to new product releases and special deals.

      If you're interested in becoming a GORILLA distributor, click the link below to download the Distribution Partnership Application. Complete the application and send it via email to: sales@gorillaglove.com.