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      Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Stefano Alcantara grew up with an artistically inclined family that fostered a love for art in him at an early age. After earning a degree in graphic design from the Peruvian Institute of Advertising, Alcantara launched his career as a tattoo artist. His undeniable talents quickly earned him international acclaim, allowing Stefano to open his own tattoo studios in Lima, Peru, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

      Stefano Alcantara maintained his appreciation for more traditional art forms, and his tattoo studios also double as art galleries where he exhibits his own paintings as well an array of other artists’ work. Alcantara’s tattoo career brought him to new locations all over the world, expanding his artistic influences and providing fresh inspiration for his own painting practice. His oil paintings have been featured in several group exhibitions across the United States and abroad. In 2016, Stefano Alcantara received the distinguished honor of being invited to partake in an exclusive art exhibition at the Muse d’Arte Contemporanea, in Rome, Italy.


      "Wisdom” from the Pure Intensions Hand collection - Acrylic on Canvas 7' x 4' | Stefano Alcantara (@stefanoalcantaraart)

      Stefano Alcantara is an influential artist in today's creative circles. Working beyond the bounds of traditional painting models, Stefano escapes the conventional methods of art and explores various other techniques, mediums, and imagery that help capture the essence of human emotion and creativity. A key figure on the international art and tattoo scene, Stefano Alcantara is known for creating stunningly vivid, dark elaborate pieces. Although famous for his approach on black and grey realism, Stefano's work remains highly individualized, and he refuses to be confined to a single art style.


      "Imagine” Mural - Fort Lauderdale, FL | Stefano Alcantara (@stefanoalcantaraart)


      Transforming the Idea of Art

      Stefano Alcantara continues to balance careers in both tattooing and fine art. When he is not inking another masterpiece, Stefano works on cultivating his talent as a fine artist, challenging himself by exploring his artistic talents and creativity through painting, drawing, graffiti, airbrushing, and pushing personal boundaries in creating timeless art pieces.


      Capturing the Essence

      For those unacquainted, Stefano Alcantara is one of the most talented and sought after tattoo artists of the modern age. Interestingly, Stefano doesn't view art as a business. To him, tattooing more than that. Stefano sees the human skin as a canvas for creating an indelible mark on a person's life, capturing all of the unexplored emotions and experiences through the beauty of art.

      Black Vinyl Gloves

      Gorilla Sketch - Specifically Designed for GORILLA's New Glove Boxes | Stefano Alcantara (@stefanoalcantaraart)


       "Hercules” - Acrylic on Wood | Stefano Alcantara (@stefanoalcantaraart)

      Oil on Canvas

      "Resiliencia” - Oil on Canvas 6' x 3' | Stefano Alcantara (@stefanoalcantaraart)

      The Collaboration that Revolutionized the Tattoo Industry


      As a global leader of personal protection and disposable gloves, GORILLA set out to find an industry trailblazer to partner with in the quest to improve the quality of our products and present it in an innovative way. The collaboration with Stefano Alcantara only made sense. A master in pure black and grey realism tattoos, Stefano's timeless pieces ring true to GORILLA's slogan, bringing on a new wave and definition to the saying, "Everything Looks Better in Black". A creative genius in his own right, Stefano not only elevates our products with his endorsement but also enhances them through constant reviews and critiques, helping us create, innovate, and offer the best black disposable gloves in the market.


      For more information and artwork by Stefano Alcantara, check out: