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      Disposable gloves create a barrier between your hands and the objects you are handling, keeping your hands clean while also keeping oils and dirt on your hands from transferring on to the objects. GORILLA black disposable gloves are one of the market's best single-use gloves to help prevent cross contamination and ensure protection. Available in latex, nitrile, and vinyl, GORILLA gloves are the ideal option for a number of different uses in various industries. 

      Thinner gloves offer higher dexterity and better touch sensitivity. GORILLA's Black Latex Gloves are extremely thin, consisting of a 4 Mil (Average) thickness, and perfect for detailed work or precision handling such as working at research laboratories, medical clinics, tattoo/piercing studios, etc.

      Alternatively, thicker gloves offer more protection for the hands. GORILLA'S Black Nitrile Gloves offer a thicker mold than our latex gloves, providing the perfect solution for work that requires heavy-duty compact protection. Specifically, the GORILLA Nitrile Gloves are ideal for industries like auto mechanics, cleanrooms and sterile environments, food service, etc.

      Various Usage in Different Industries

      All GORILLA gloves are marked in the product description with a selection of these icons to indicate the "Applicable Industries for Use". A quick guide to help you identify which gloves work best for your job at hand.